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How To Use Caribbean Value Investor Compound Interest Calculator

Thanks for choosing Caribbean Value Investor Compound Interest Calculator. Our revised application is capable of answering all these questions. Here is how you use CVIs Compound Interest Calculator. It is literally as simple as 1,2,3.
  1. Enter your starting amount (The Principal into the first field) Please note that the field only acceps digits. So if your initial amount id $1,000. You would simply enter 1000
  2. Enter the (compound) interest rate per year. Note: This field also only accepts digits so if for instance you earned 6.5% in interest, you would enter 6.5 in the field.
  3. Enter the target amount. This is the biggest shift made from our first version of the Compound Interest Calculator. Here you decide how much you are trying to get to, it could be 100 or 100,000,000,000 Compound Interest Calculator will calculate the amount of time and report it at the bottom of the page. Again, this field only accepts digits so if your target is $1,000,000 please only enter 100000 in the Target field.

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About CVI Compound Interest Calculator

Many great investors, scientists and mathematicians have affirmed the seemingly magical powers of compound interest. However, no one seems to fully appreciate the concept from a practical point of view as banks. Banks have long realised that if they could get their debtors to pay even a small percentage interest over an extended period of time, they will make huge sums of money. At Caribbean Value Investor we believe that the concept can be use to create wealth even for the little man. But how do we get him to appreciate the magic of compounding? Well, we get him to see it work LIVE. Hence Caribbean Value Investor Compound Interest Calculator. Our Compound Interest Calculator YearsToMil was originally designed to answer one simple question for the person who now understands compounding. "So how long would it take me to make a million dollars if I started with X and was earned Y in compound interest?" Hence the name YEARS2MIL. We then thought to extend the question.
  • What If I am only looking to reach $100,000?
  • What if I want to reach $100,000,000 instead?
  • What about $1,000,000,000?
Thanks for choosing Caribbean Value Investor Compound Interest Calculator!!