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Caribbean Value Investor is an investment media company focused on promoting and enabling value investing in the Caribbean region. Our website features primarily business news from the Caribbean countries to help the Fundamental resident in the region or in the Diaspora to identify that satisfy the 7 Pillars for Value .


Our Philosophy

We make very clear distinctions between, news and analysis, and between data and information. Our goal is to use all of the above to provide INTELLIGENCE to our valued subscribers. Our intelligence serves to give insights into the underlying business of the companies in which we buy stocks.

We are aware that daily trading activity is important to many investors and so we will also provide data on the trading activity of particular   from time to time.

We aim to provide valuable intelligence on value companies to the aspiring value investor.


Please visit Caribbean Value Investor regularly,  we will constantly be updating our pages as new information and insights are uncovered. We will soon be launching our Value Investing Education Curriculum along with the Caribbean Value Investing Core (CVIC) Company Screener. Please send us an email at info@caribbeanvalueinvestor.com if you would like to be a part of the Beta testing group.


To your continued success,

Caribbean Value Investor Corp.





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