Tele-consultation Service

The CVI-Tele-consultation service is an interactive service offered to investors at all levels. The service allows aspiring or seasoned investors to schedule a time slot to speak with one of our seasoned Stock Market Educators or Analysts. There are 3 different tiers:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate Investor
  • Advance Investor

A specific approach is taken in educating clients based on their level of experience.

Below we detail how we categorise our clients and the specific approach taken in each case.

CVI Tele-consultation service


Who is a Beginner? A Beginner investor is someone who has either heard about the stock market BUT has never bought a stock OR has bought stocks in the Initial Public Offering of a company but wishes to truly understand the stock market.

Our Approach:

  • We talk through you the basics of the stock market and how it works.

  • We detail what a stock is and provide you with additional reference material from Caribbean Value Investor and other resources that offer more information.

  • We provide a historical perspective on the performance of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and results generated from specific investments.

Price: US$ 347

CVI Tele-consultation service

Intermediate level:

Who is an intermediate level investor? An intermediate level investor is a person who has already bought and sold stocks on the market, either through an IPO or upon the advice of a broker but also wants to understand the stock market quotes, the indices, how to get prices of different companies, what to look for in different companies? How to assess a company’s earnings and how to analyse a stock’s performance using the charts on the Jamaica Stock Exchange website.

CVI Tele-Consultation Service
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Our Approach:

  • We make a video call taking the investor on a tour of the JSE Website

  • We explain how to use the JSE’s Jtraderpro platform to analyse supply and demand of different stocks and make stock purchases.
  • We investigate and analyse the price and volume charts of different companies.

  • We review the financial performance.

  • We explain financial terms and ratios, their importance in determining whether to invest in a company and calculate the ratios to identify trends.

Price: US$ 850

CVI Tele-consultation service


Advanced Investor:

Who do we consider an advanced level investor? A person who has bought and sold stocks in the past, and has an understanding of all the things covered under the basic and intermediate levels.

This person may want to understand exactly what to look for in terms of qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to particular stocks.

He/She may also want a historical perspective on certain companies and a tutorial on how to assess companies based on the financial statements.


Our Approach:

This would be a phone call but could also take the form of an in-person meeting where:

  • We cover the basics of financial analysis of three different types of companies.

  • We include a look at potential picks the persons might be interest in and their historical performance in the market.

  • We take the investor through a working example of how to assess a company using its financial statements and qualitative information from the annual report and media articles.

Price: US$ 1297 plus travel in the case of in-person meetings.

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