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Information and data are extremely useful to an investor. But disjointed facts and figures are just that without the right education. That is the point of this page. We aim to provide simple, clear and concise definitions of some the major investing terms. Value investors are typically looking for companies with high ROE, ROA, working capital and a moat around them. But wait a second…What is a ROE? What is a ROA? Working capital? What is that? Fret not. We realise that not everyone has read Financial Markets and Institutions or Security Analysis. Thankfully you don’t have to. Each book is over 500 pages long. But your education  is a very important thus we have provided a simplified explanation of many of the key terms you will see over and over on Caribbean Value Investor. We hope that in time you too will look like a genius when you say things like:

“This stock is overvalued in the market, its PE is 60 compared to the market average of 23 times. Furthermore the company has been seeing declining revenues and has a very high debt to equity ratio.”

Sounds foreign? Trust us, in time that’s exactly the way you will be talking to your friends when they ask you your opinion on a stock.

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