CVI Company Tracking Service

CVI Company Tracking Service

The CVI Company Tracking Service (CVI-CTS) is a relationship we seek to develop with clients over long periods of time.

The deliverable of the service is a report to clients comprising an update on the performance and relevant news pertaining to a particular company that the client has selected for continuous monitoring.

The report will be presented as a formal document which the client will be able to view along with a powerpoint presentation and a video. This will allow the client to consume the information in his/her preferred format.

Contents of the report will include:

  • A summary of the quarterly reports filed by the company including a breakdown of the balance sheet, income statement, cashflow statement shareholder’s equity.
  • A comparison of the quarter’s performance to that of the immediate past quarter as well as the 12 months prior.
  • Major changes in the macroeconomic conditions pertaining to the company and it’s industry
  • A competitive analysis.
  • A prediction based on the Qualitative and Quantitative information available to us as to where the stock will be, or what the value of the stock will be in the next quarter. The projection will be based on the fundamentals of the company and the prevailing economic environment

The Service is offered to global and regional investors interested in companies listed on the Caribbean Stock Exchanges and the major US Stock Markets.