Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis on a Value Investing Website? What the??

Hold on. We are about to explain.

Historically, Value Investing  and Technical analysis have been carnal enemies. The Value Investors shunned the idea of using Technical means, price action movement, line charts, support and resistance, to make an investment decision. BUT, What if we could use Technical Analysis to support our value based approach thus ensuring a future profit in the near term (12-18 months) as well as the long term.


What if Technical Analysis could be used to the benefit of Value Investor intent on holding his shares in his companies forever? Well, it can, and this is where you will learn how. Value oriented Investors like Jonas Faa, Anthony Crill and Phil Town have been using Technical analysis as a back pocket tool to basically outperform the typical value investor in  both the short and medium terms. We though, we should be sharing their insights with you our Value Audience.

That is why we have this page.