TOP 10 Stocks on the Jamaica Stock Exchange for 2020

I recently recorded a video on my TOP 10 STOCK PICKS FOR 2020. Sadly, I am still editing it for our YouTube channel, Beyond The Stock Price. It should be posted by Wednesday, next week, January 22 .2020) I thought it was unfair to have you all wait this long after promising to give you guys my list so I decided to write it here.  In this article I will just be providing the list of my TOP 10 Stock Picks for 2020.
You’ve heard me say that I expect Juniors to outperform this year so many of these are junior stocks. Also, I’m not saying these are the only ones I expect to beat the market return or that there aren’t other stocks that might very well beat out these stocks by year end but I expect these will rank very high.
*Disclaimer*: This information is in no way intended to be taken as an encore for any of the stocks mentioned. Furthermore, the information is for educational purposes *ONLY*, it is not to be misconstrued as Financial Advice or Investment Advice. I am not a Financial Advisor. Individuals should speak with their licenced Financial Advisors on making Financial decision. I have positions in some of the companies mentioned and intent to take a position in others if my thesis plays out. Glad we are clear.
Now then, here’s the list of the TOP 10 Stocks I expect to beat the market in 2020.
  1. PROVEN Investments Limited (JSE: PROVEN)
  2. Lasco Manufacturing Limited (JSE jnr: LASM)
  3. Knutsford Express Limited (JSE jnr :KEX)
  4. Jamaica Teas Limited (JSE jnr: JAMT)
  5. The Limners and Bards Limited (JSE jnr: LAB)
  6. JMMB Group Limited (JSE: JMMB)
  7. TransJamaica Highway Limited (post listing)
  8. Indies Pharmaceutical Limited (JSE jnr: INDIES)
  9. PANJAM Limited (JSE: PANJAM)
  10. CAC2000 Limited (JSE: CAC)
My 2020 list is based on a combination of fundamental considerations, historical performance, personal biases, current valuations and the current trading prices of these securities. I give a detailed breakdown as to the rationale behind each pick in the YouTube video and again, that will be on the Beyond The Stock Price YouTube channel. You can click the image below to subscribe to Beyond The Stock Price or go to  Click the bell beside the SUBSCRIBE button and you will be notified when a new video is posted.
TOP 10 Stocks Jamaica Stock Exchange 2020 - Subscribe to Beyond The Stock Price
I will also be uploading clips on each of the individual picks so as to make the information more digestible. However, in the mean while, you can start to improve your Financial IQ by checking out these videos from Beyond The Stock Price. They will come in handy when I start to explain why these particular stocks made the cut whilst others didn’t. Furthermore, they answer a few common questions about investing; questions such as:
What are some of the basics you need to know before Investing in the Stock Market?
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Which were the best performing stocks for 2019 and 2018?
What is does that PE Ratio thing really mean and how can you use it to analyze a Stock?
TOP 10 Stocks Jamaica Stock Exchange 2020 - The PE Ratio Formula
How to read a Balance sheet and use it to analyse a company
What is JTRADERPRO and How do you use it to Buy Shares on the Jamaica Stock Exchange ?
As you will discover, there are quite a few other educational videos on YouTube and our website Caribbean Value Investor ( has a lot of information and insights that are helping investors to understand the market and invest with confidence.

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