Uber, and EA recap

I already published an article recapping our tesla trade (up 270%, yes, it’s ridiculous). Today we will recap two other companies. Uber, and Electronic Arts.

Three months ago I published an article detailing my trade: Uber. Over the past three months, Uber has followed our setup perfectly, giving us a total of 22% over these three months.

The chart was simple, with Uber doing lower highs and lower lows, all the way down to 25$. At this level, Uber seemed to find it supports, detailed in our previous article, here. Under you can find before/after pictures of the setup.




Electronic Arts had much of the same setup as Uber, first, they dropped 50% in value, much like Uber´s failed IPO sending them down 45%. From there, EA experienced lower highs, but instead of lower lows, they had higher lows. This eventually leads to the formation of a symmetrical triangle. Much like Uber, EA gave us 20%+, but we are still aiming higher. The goal for the trade is 50%. So for those who got the chance to participate, I would recommend holding the stock for now, as well as adding a tight stop loss ensuring gains in the offchance the trade goes sour.


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